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DON'T underestimate the nice guy.

Ask yourself questions like, "are there situations that make me nervous?

You'll be on your way to badness in no time. Get fit. You don't need to be a body builder to be a bad boy, but you do need to be healthy. Scientific evidence has shown that physical exercise has a positive effect on self-esteem and can help thwart depression. The effects are both immediate through the release of stress-reducing endorphins and long-term through the improvement of self-image and overall fitness [2]. Don't put it off - go to the gym today, not tomorrow. One study found that moderately intense aerobic exercise produces the greatest immediate psychological boost.

For tips on starting an exercise routine, consult one of our many how-to guides on exercising, such as How to Exercise. Start winning. Constantly work towards your career and personal goals. You don't need to be rich to have high confidence, but you do need to be proud of yourself. Working hard and succeeding will make you feel valuable and important - the cornerstones of a confident personality. Everyone including bad boys suffers personal setbacks. If you're experiencing difficulty in your career or personal life, keep it in perspective - by persevering through your difficulties, you're building a stronger personality.

Never give up! Treat yourself with value. Allow yourself to enjoy the things you like. You don't have to spend lots of money to feel valuable - simply cook the foods you like, enjoy your favorite drink in moderation, and reserve time to practice your hobbies. If you're doing the things you like, you'll naturally be happier, and if you're happier, you'll be more confident. Address any personal psychological issues. Sometimes, low confidence can be-deeply rooted.

Childhood abuse and traumatic experiences can cause psychological difficulties throughout your life that can negatively affect your self esteem. A variety of treatments, including counseling, biofeedback techniques, and the prescription of medicines, are available.

Remember that seeking help for psychological issues is a sign of strength, not of weakness. Real men don't ignore their personal problems, they fix them. Sometimes, this requires the help of someone else. Never feel embarrassed to see a counselor or a therapist - over a quarter of US adults received some kind of mental health treatment within two years of a poll. Know what you want. A bad boy knows what he wants from a partner and is honest about it see step six under Part One.

There's no shame in pursuing purely sexual relationships as long as you're honest about it. Similarly, having a long-term girlfriend doesn't mean you have to be less of a bad boy. Below are some tips for handling the fairer sex like a true bad boy. Have your own life. The goal of a relationship shouldn't be to dedicate your life to your partner.

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Even if you're married, make your own plans. Reserve time for yourself. Spend time with your friends. If you treat yourself like a valuable commodity, your time will be highly sought-after by your partner.

Conversely, if you're constantly making yourself available to your partner's whims, your time will become less valuable. Keep your backbone in any relationship - make sure you're not so dedicated to your partner that you forget about yourself. Be cocky. Being in a relationship with someone doesn't mean you need to worship them. Tease them! A lighthearted back-and-forth keeps a relationship passionate and fiery. It's also a good sign of a confident "alpha" personality - you're showing you're not afraid to engage in a little verbal swordplay.

Don't be too cruel with your teasing. Avoid subjects that your partner is sensitive about - for instance, her looks or her career. Keep it light. Be prepared to receive some teasing yourself - don't dish it out if you can't take it! If you accidentally hurt your partner's feelings, make a genuine apology. Remember, bad boys are honest - if you're truly sorry, say so. Don't feel like you need to withhold a well-deserved apology to be a bad boy.

The Zen of Douchebags, Assholes and Bad Boys

That's not "bad" - it's just jerkish. Wear the pants in your relationship. This doesn't mean to boss your partner around or prevent her from making decisions.

Rather, it means you should aim to be decisive in situations where it's appropriate and to have a plan at all times. For instance, if you're going out, pick a place and make reservations ahead of time. Take her hand to lead her through crowds without being asked. Kiss her when the mood suits you. Show her that you're confident about what you want for yourself and her.

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Choose a topic of conversation that you're passionate about. Talk your family, or an event that strikes home for you. Don't gossip; speak from the heart, and let your darling know that you have a sensitive side and show her your true family man side. Be surprising. In a long-term relationship, it can be difficult not to fall into certain habits and routines.

Still, make an effort to be spontaneous sometimes. Plan weekend getaways when you both have the time.

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Surprise her with tickets to an evening concert when she wakes up in the morning. Breaking the routine of a relationship keeps it fresh and exciting. It might seem paradoxical to plan seemingly "spontaneous" activities ahead of time.

However, it's necessary - nothing's worse than making an impromptu trip to an ice-skating rink only to discover that it's closed. Skating rinks aren't very bad boy anyway. Remember that the goal of being spontaneous is not to shower her with gifts. Maintain your personal value - if you're unsure of what to do, try to plan activities that you like.

Bad Boy Are Good Too Bad Boy Are Good Too
Bad Boy Are Good Too Bad Boy Are Good Too
Bad Boy Are Good Too Bad Boy Are Good Too
Bad Boy Are Good Too Bad Boy Are Good Too
Bad Boy Are Good Too Bad Boy Are Good Too
Bad Boy Are Good Too Bad Boy Are Good Too
Bad Boy Are Good Too Bad Boy Are Good Too
Bad Boy Are Good Too Bad Boy Are Good Too
Bad Boy Are Good Too

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