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When The Angels Sing Lyrics

Rarely do we sing about the blood, the cross or hear the name of Jesus in songs. I am a worship leader and I am grieved at the nonsense my pastors have allowed to permeate our worship. I wonder how God feels. I believe all of church has changed. Besides our congregations singing becoming unsingable, pastors are starting to talk in a points system speech, such as 10 points to a better life, 5 points to realize your potential.

Nothing has changed about the way we are going to Heaven or hell and people still need to be told how to get to Heaven. I actually miss the hell fire and damnation preachers and the old convention songs. As I read comments, at least there still remains some folks with common sense about music in churches. No difference.

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My guess is that he is blessed by any and all worship. Be it by the mouth, foot, or arm of the body. And I can walk into a Baptist church, pull out a hymnal, and sing whatever is sung. That is, if you can hear the tune over the throbbing bass and drums. Re the throbbing bass and drums.

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  • My husband and I actually wait til the singing is over because we get awful headaches from the music that is way too loud. I have sung in church for years in a choir then on a worship team and the off the chart volume is so unnecessary, along with the smoke and flashing lights. Rather than drawing people into worship, I think this stuff is a turn-off……unless perhaps one is way younger than I. When they offer earplugs you have to know the music is too loud. The lyrics are projected on big screens, some having about a verse and a half, which repeated over, and over, and over, at times for as long as 15 minutes.

    Please know that I am just asking for a few familiar gospel songs, included with the contemporary ones. However, I do look forward to familiar gospel songs with a soulful message, and easily sung.. Right on and the thing that makes me want to put a gun to my head is the repetition of the same lines over and over again, and again, and again fade to nothing. Many kids desperately want to draw close to their Creator God and Savior Jesus and he is ok with them crying tears at His feet like the woman who did while Pharisees looked on in disgust.

    Is it ok to desire your Creator with desperation? Joy, you are right.

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    Many But not all… worship songs come out of the outpouring of the creators heart so why should we be criticizing their god given inspiration. They are instead structured like pop songs to be performed by a band, while the spectators are invited to sing along if they choose.

    Good congregational hymns are essentially folk songs, with easily vocalized intervals and rhythms. The Scottish church musician John Bell does a similar thing when he conducts a music workshop. If the answer is little or nothing, well, Houston, we have a problem.

    We need to go Back to swinging the old hymns that had meaning and you could follow the words,and understand!!!!

    Missing lyrics by Covenant Worship?

    Proper Biblical expressions of worship are not taught or modeled regularly by leadership. That statement is just ridiculous, stupid and very non -Christian! Well, judgemental or not, he has a good point. Let alone, prepare their hearts to engage in that type of interaction. I would sing to my children. I feel intimidated by others singing in church.

    I sing when I am alone in the car. I can read music. Hymns in church often make me sad because they often choose ones that nobody knows and the singing is thin. On those Sundays that we have traditional well-known hymns, you can tell the difference. The singing is with gusto and much more emotional.

    Holy, holy, is what the angels sing

    Also, I am Episcopalian and similar to Roman Catholic in the liturgy. We sing chants that have been sung for hundreds of years and everyone knows them. We have services where there is no singing at all. Our evening services are musicless and I love the solemnity of those services. So many beautiful ways to worship the Lord. But it should be all participating and not a show put on while the majority just sits passively.

    Can't Stop Singing

    Reason Most new songs are just stupid—singing about self in a boring pattern that repeats to infinity. Our church had a choir with matching robes and it was awesome. Then they went to a worship team of four to eight singers.. Now they have a band which I am a part of because the pastor wanted to move the singing from the stage to the congregation. It has worked out well. We have around each Sunday and the singing is real worship. I love it.

    Truth About Angels · First Baptist Dallas

    And did I mention it was awesome? I want to add a comment. Also, to have words flashed on a screen seems so haphazard. I also agree with the nine statements that have been posted in this article. I used to be of the same mind, until we put the music on the screen.

    We soon realized that the dots and lines may as well have been Greek as few in the congregation read music and you can fit only very little on each slide. Thus the worship leader needs to be clear about the melody so the tunes may be well-learned over time by rote. They only had hymns by definition, the text only and the title of tunes to which the hymn text could be sung too.

    This body of work was certainly passed down from generation to generation by oral tradition. Eventually it was transcribed but not without several variations depending on which hymnbook you were using and in what part of the country. It just requires good musicianship. I have hymnal song books written before 20th century and they have both words and music on the same page. The fact that there were people who were able to function musically with only a hymn tune tells us that they had in their culture an expectation that people PREPARE so they know what they are doing at worship time. The approach we have today is almost passive, as if worship is something that happens to you.

    We are just simply wrong. We need to return. I agree that not having the notes in front of you makes it difficult to learn a new song. I am a music teacher so I DO read music.

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    • The church was the birthplace of many people learning the fundamentals of reading music. You neeed to look at it and practice. The article seems to paint a dim view of the musical ability of the congregation, but the truth is that congregations are different. Some have built a culture of singing well, and reading music… or at least knowing their part. While I agree with your comments about contemporary music and the lack of congregational singing, I disagree with your statements about chant in the church.

      As a Roman Catholic, I remember chanting at mass — every one knew the words and one only had to look at a missal to read the easy translation. Even modern Catholics know some basic chants, the Our Father and the Catholic Bishops in the US are encouraging a return to chant because it is a part of our heritage.

      You might want to listen to some chant CDs before you discount them so readily! I am Episcopalian and we also use chants. You can go to any Episcopal or Roman Catholic church worldwide and know those tunes. I went to a parish school and my favorite memories are being in chapel with my little white veil on, singing the chants. It is truly beautiful. This is absolutely true on all points!! It amazing how the atmosphere of the worship shifts when we insert a hymn that everybody knows well into a string of contemporary worship music.

      Cause Angels Cant Sing Cause Angels Cant Sing
      Cause Angels Cant Sing Cause Angels Cant Sing
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