El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition)

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Almazan T, M. The purpose of the hydrologic assessment is to identify groundwater flow paths away from SJCM coal-combustion-byproduct storage sites that might allow metals that may be leached from coal-combustion byproducts to eventually reach wells or streams after regional dewatering ceases and groundwater recovers to predevelopment levels.

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The hydrologic assessment, undertaken between and , included compilation of existing data. This article seeks to analyze the origins of the historiographical treatment of Juan de Juanes in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Since , however, eruptions have decreased in intensity to an average of VEI 1, with the most recent eruption occurring in Eruptions at San Miguel volcano consist mostly of central vent and phreatic eruptions. A critical challenge related to the explosive nature of this volcano is to understand the relationships between precursory surface deformation, earthquake activity, and volcanic activity. In this project, we seek to determine sub-surface structures within and near the volcano, relate the local deformation to these structures, and better understand the hazard that the volcano presents in the region.

To accomplish these goals, we deployed a six station, broadband seismic network around San Miguel volcano in collaboration with researchers from Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales SNET. This network operated continuously from 23 March to 15 January and had a high data recovery rate. The data were processed to determine earthquake locations, magnitudes, and, for some of the larger events, focal mechanisms.

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We obtained high precision locations using a double-difference approach and identified at least 25 events near the volcano. Ongoing analysis will seek to identify earthquake types e. These results will be combined with radar interferometric measurements of surface deformation in order to determine the relationship between surface and subsurface processes at the volcano.

The Miguel Auza mine located in Zacatecas State, Mexico, is a vein-type polymetallic epithermal deposit hosted in deformed argillite, siltstone and, greywacke of the Cretaceous Caracol Formation. Silver-rich base metal veins 0. A 2 km2 monzonitic stock located in the proximity of the mineralized zones, has previously been interpreted as the source of the mineralizing fluids. Four distinct structural stages are correlated with hydrothermal mineral deposition: I The Pre-ore stage is characterized by normal faulting, fracturing of host rock, and rotation of bedding planes.

III The Main-ore stage is related to the development of reverse-fault- hosted massive sulphide veins. During this stage three phases of mineral deposition are recorded: early pyrite and arsenopyrite, intermediate chalcopyrite, pyrite, arsenopyrite, and base metals, and late base metals and Ag-bearing minerals. Associated gangue minerals during the main ore stage are quartz, muscovite, calcite and chlorite.

Later supergene oxidation of veins led to deposition of Fe-oxides and hydroxides, commonly filling fractures or replacing early-formed sulphide assemblages. The various vein types display classic epithermal textures including open space filling, banding, comb quartz and brecciation. Four sampling campaigns were developed between and in each water body, split by the cold and wet seasons. The geology of the island is dominated by three quiescent central volcanoes Sete Cidades, Fogo and Furnas , linked by volcanic fissural zones Picos and Congro Fissural Volcanic systems.

Santiago lake, with a surface area of 0. The watershed of the lake has an area of 0. A total of CO2 flux measurements using the accumulation chamber method were made at Santiago lake, in the first campaign November , and , and in the three other campaigns, respectively, in April , September and December The total CO2 flux estimated for this lake varies between 0.

These higher CO2 emissions were associated with a period without water column stratification.


Similarly to Santiago lake, Congro lake is located inside a maar, in the Congro Fissural Volcanic system, and has a surface area of 0. The lake, located at an altitude of m, is fed by a watershed with an area of 0. In Congro lake a total of CO2 flux measurements were performed during four surveys from. The SJBE watershed has the highest Moving and fixed security zones are established The waters of San Antonio La lengua salvada: Acerca de dibaxu de Juan Gelman. Miguel E. A total of birds representing74 species of 23 families were examined for haematozoa.

These included: Microfilariae 8. The prevalence of infection is this sample is low in comparisonto that recorded for Neartic birds as reported by Greiner et al. We hypothesize that microfilariaeare transmitted bya vector that is not utilized by either the haemoproteids or the plasmodiids. Finally 8 specieswere examined for blood parasites for the first time, 15 new host-parasite records for the worldand 15 new for Colombia were established from this sample.

This survey and other similarstudies, clearly indicate that research on this topic is urgently required, particularly since thereare direct correlations between stress e. Full Text Available In many border-related discussions—whether philosophical, anthropological, critical, or fictional—there are typical themes or narrative tics: allusions to the flexible geography that makes the border region both an isolated territory and an analogue for the postmodern condition, the puzzlement over how to understand the role of the "maquiladoras" 'assembly plants' and the area's industrial boom, the awareness of a vast movement of people both north and south, a persistent and nagging phobia about feminization, and about female sexuality.

At the same time, each novel evokes a geopolitical and cultural space of multiple crossings, one that is far more heterogeneous than conventionally transnational. Nuances in the representation of time in the works of Miguel Delibes.


Análisis Axiológico Obra Cartas Elpidio by Hernández Morales María Magdalena

The Philippine fisheries accounted for 3. The sector employed about , persons. Of the divisions comprising the industry, municipal fisheries continued to contribute the largest share of fish production. This paper presents the problems and constraints confronting SMB, a common property resource. This bay's open access condition has led to various problems, such as declining fishery resources, depressed socioeconomic conditions, illegal fishing, increasing population, and conflict among resource users. A poor marketing system, low level of fishing technology, fishermen's noncompliance and authorities' lax enforcement of rules and regulations, as well as lack of alternative sources of income further characterize the condition in SMB.

Establishment of fishing rights, improvement of the marketing system, provision of alternative sources of income, and improvement of fishing technology were some of the solutions suggested.

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One major constraint, however, is financial, Comanagement complemented with other management tools has been proposed in addressing the problems in SMB. Phrasal units in literary translation the case of idioms in Miguel Delibes Las ratas. Full Text Available In this article we explore the translation of phrasal units in the context of literary translation, arguing that such units may fulfil a specific function in a work. This is the case in the novel Las ratas, by Miguel Delibes, in which the author used them as linguistic markers of the social strata and cultural level of the different characters.

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We have analysed the translation of some idioms of the novel in order to highlight the key aspects to take into account in the translation, the problems that the translator has to face when performinghis profession, and the solutions that can be proposed. We show that thetranslation of phrasal units is certainly not a straightforward task, and thecorrespondences cover a wide range because of the differences between thetwo languages and the numerous factors which need to be taken into account when translate a phrasal unit in a literary text, none of which seems to prevailover the others in all situations.

These difficulties compel the translator to study in advance how the author of a literary work uses the phrasal units in order to plan the translation process so that the effect of the phrasal units ofthe original text is also recreated as far as possible in the translation.

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Evaluation of landslide susceptibility of Sete Cidades Volcano S. Miguel Island, Azores. Full Text Available Sete Cidades is an active central volcano with a summit caldera located in the westernmost part of S. Since the settlement of the Island, in the 15th century, many landslide events occurred in this volcano, causing extensive damages in buildings and infrastructures. The study of historical records and the observation of new occurrences showed that landslides in the region have been triggered by heavy rainfall periods, earthquakes and erosion.

In order to assess landslide susceptibility at Sete Cidades Volcano, landslide scars and associated deposits were mapped through aerial photographs and field surveys. The obtained data were inserted in a GIS to produce a landslide distribution map. It was concluded that the high density landslide areas are related with 1 major scarp faults, 2 the margin of fluvial channels, 3 the sea cliffs and 4 volcanic landforms, namely the caldera wall. These two parameters were integrated and used to generate a preliminary susceptibility map. Such conclusion should be taken into account for emergency and land use planning.

Two E-W trending scarps were identified by aerial photo interpretation. Rabia canina en san Juan de Lurigancho y en Jicamarca. Juan Goytisolo observed with enthusiasm, though with certain concern, the news about the revolutions that, since early , overthrew several autocratical regimes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, entailed reforms in other countries Morocco and caused a yet unfinished civil war Syria. Estas estimaciones dan eviden The research design used the descriptive method because it is the most appropriate method. It was found that the over-all assessment was frequent. Hamburger received the highest weighted mean followed by Sandwiches interpreted as frequent.

Doughnut and Roasted Turkey got the lowest. Chinese Cuisine is frequently served. Lumpiang Shanghai has the highest weighted mean that is frequently offered and Siomai being the second highest. Siopao and Dumpling got the lowest weighted mean that makes it sometimes offered in every restaurant.

Japanese cuisine has an over-all assessment of frequent. Tempura has the highest weighted mean followed by Teriyaki. Ramen has the second to the lowest weighted mean and Tonkatsu got the lowest. French Cuisine has a composite mean with an over-all assessment of sometimes. Mediterranean salad has the highest weighted followed by French Macaroons. Lamb and Ratatouille has the lowest weighted mean. Formas de no ser arquitecto.

El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition) El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition)
El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition) El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition)
El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition) El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition)
El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition) El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition)
El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition) El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition)
El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition) El Aprendizaje de la Axiología por Medio del Cuento (Spanish Edition)

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