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Haunted no more, Shimla’s Chudail Bauri to turn into children’s park

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The Most Haunted House In Each State

This river in Delhi's Rohini does precisely that. The reason it got its name thus and the also the status of one of the most scary places in Delhi. Malcha Mahal Gate Source. A Tughlaq era hunting lodge in a near decadent state, in a supposedly haunted condition surrounded by dense forests from all sides. Though no paranormal sightings have taken place at this spot, those who visit this place have often complained of an invisible shield of energy around the place, which hits them like a juggernaut every time they go anywhere near the place.

Dare to challenge the supposedly invisible? Feroz Shah Fort Source. This is another Tughlaq era citadel built during the middle years of the 14 th century.


The most striking feature about the monument's facade is its loneliness. William Dalrymple 's? Local folks congregate every Thursday at the fort and offer incense sticks, among other offerings, in order to calm the ruffled djinns. Please the spirits and you would have them at your eternal command. But what if they refused to be cowed down by your imprecations? Lothian Cemetery Source.

Located half a kilometre away from Kashmiri Gate is a British era Christian burial ground.

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  • Haunted no more, Shimla’s Chudail Bauri is a children park.

The ghost of a headless soldier, who is rumoured to have taken his life after having exasperated himself in a spurned love relationship, is said to haunt the place. On a new moon's night, the ghost is believed to become more prominent and has been reported to have been sighted roaming around the place, supposedly looking for his lost, unrequited love. That does include it in one of the haunted places in Delhi.

21 haunted places in New York State that will scare you silly

Khooni Darwaza Source. But the most well known story is that the sons of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, were executed here in full public view.

It is said that there spirits still linger about this place but they don't cause any disturbance to the Indians, but strange things have happened to foreigners who've paid a visit to this place. Buli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal Source. This 14th-century structure located near the Delhi Ridge belongs to the Tuglaq era. It was built a hunting lodge for the Tuqlaq rulers. But very creepy events are supposed to have happened here.

There are rumours of strange sounds being heard here, especially after darkness falls. The Ridge Source. With several eyewitness accounts of people seeing the ghost of a Colonial-era British man hovering in the area and the poor network coverage, the Ridge is one of the scariest places in Delhi. The numerous monuments in and around it with a gory history doesn't make it any less haunted.

Mutiny Memorial Source. Built by the British to honour the British soldiers who laid down their lives in the Revolt of , several paranormal sightings have been reported here by people. Some have of them have even gone on to say that they've seen wriggling severed limbs! Might sound a little far-fetched, but still scary. It is one of the most haunted places in Delhi. Chor Minar Source. Hauz Khas Village is one of the most popular hangout spots in Delhi, I'm sure many people would have seen this monument. The spirits of these thieves are supposed to get active, especially at night.

Karkardooma Delhi Court Source. A white, shadowy figure has been spotted by quite a few people here, which has given this place a tag of one of the haunted places in Delhi. The City of Djinns is home to many other such places which are believed to be haunted. Like the Khooni Darwaza near Kashmiri Gate where sons of the last Mughal emperor were brutally murdered by the British in full public glare, the Mutiny House near Kahsmiri Gate where Indian sepoys guilty of being involved in the uprising of were blown off by cannons and The Ridge near Timarpur, an extension of the Aravalli hill range.

Dilliwalon, twisting the famous words of George Bush, if you have not visited these places then you are scared of ghosts.


50 Spooky Houses: The Most Haunted House In Each State – Big 7 Travel

S: I have refused to stay alone at my flat once darkness has fallen, ever since I started writing about haunted places. I dreamt one night of the Aghori sadhus at Manikarnika the perennial cremation ground in Kashi , beckoning to me with a half-burnt corpse at their side. The only anomaly was that those repulsive, smouldering corpses were stirring feverishly. Writing about such places has taken a toll on my grey cells, it seems. The author and Holidify. This post was published by Anand Singh. View 97 places to visit in Delhi. Read More Delhi Packages.

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