Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale

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Unlike colleagues in the Chicago-based Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians AACM , Anderson stayed close to home most of the time through his productive life, owned, operating and playing in the Velvet Lounge. Every year since his death, his musical soul mates celebrate his legacy with a concert like this. Thus, for the jazz novice, it is also one of his less accessible. Reid and Paul play their instruments with equal facility bowed and plucked.

As is Mitchell, one of the most innovative, exciting —and best— musicians still performing. Song For Fred Anderson Mitchell Bernice Anderson The Velvet Lounge Mitchell 6. Hey Fred Mitchell Ladies In Love Anderson Cermak Road Mitchell 4. The 29th Street Saxophone Quartet was an American saxophone quartet.

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Established in , the ensembles members are alto saxophonists Bobby Watson and Ed Jackson, tenor saxophonist Rich Rothenberg in recent years, Willie Williams , and baritone saxophonist Jim Hartog. The group has performed an eclectic repertoire, including jazz, show tunes, funk, rap, and original experimental works. The four musicians are choreographed in shifting formations to spotlight soloists and in dance movements that extend the musical movements.

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Although they had been working together since as a unit, they are still finding their way on this early effort, most of which was recorded live at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Each of the musicians wrote original pieces for these sessions. The Curious Child Watson 6. Pointillistic Groove Jackson Still Hartog 6. Love For Sale Porter 4. Bigfoot Rothenberg 6. Anthropology Parker One Chance At Life Watson 3. A curiosity about this release — recorded in Amsterdam, manufactured in the US but with only a Netherlands record label address on the sleeve.

Caffeine is the eponymous debut album by the free improvisation trio consisting of Jim Baker on piano, Steve Hunt on percussion and Ken Vandermark on reeds. It was recorded in and released on Okka Disk.

Key West Citizen ( September 24, 1936 )

Deep reporting and excellent writing made this package extremely accessible given the jargon-heavy topic. Charts and interactive graphics spelled it out even more simply. The reporting has actually had an impact, given that authorities are reacting. It makes a compelling case that citizens should be worried about changing climate policies in the Trump administration.

A growing stream of oil is pumping through aging pipes along and under the Great Lakes. The pipeline company, Enbridge Inc. Through clear and sophisticated writing, reporter Egan helps readers understand the possible consequences of allowing Enbridge to move forward. By collaborating with a university research tank to sort through available data, the reporter was able to provide specific examples that spelled out risks to companies and taxpayers.

The story provides history and context. It supplements text with excellent graphics to help readers grasp the significance of a previously obscure topic. In short, the combination of clear writing, lavish details and demonstrable impact made this story stand out. In addition to routinely injuring and even killing people, Reuters showed through document reviews, interviews and number- and data-crunching the cost to police departments and city governments of using the electroshock devices. Companies that have a history of failing to comply with federal workplace safety standards are hiring immigrants to work long hours in the most dangerous jobs; when workers fight for better pay and working conditions, the companies repeatedly use their immigration status against them to quash dissent and avoid paying medical bills.

This is an outstanding grouping of stories that are deeply reported and well-written stories. Chabeli Herrera explores income inequality and sky-high housing costs through the commute of a Fontainebleau housekeeper. The smooth, graceful writing benefits from its relative brevity. Graphics and a compelling video enhance the story. Metro reporting at its best.

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An example of painstaking reporting, careful writing and patient editing. The seminars, hosted by an industry-backed risk analyst, are an obvious effort to make courts more skeptical of the scientific evidence underpinning regulations. One story broke news on how the scientists whose study was used by George W. An important story told with exceptionally compelling writing. They can really make your day a little better. The same things could be said about the best feature stories. This history of the ubiquitous pink doughnut box is the epitome of the business feature.

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While explaining one of the curiosities of everyday life, it delights us with insights into entrepreneurship, economics, immigrant culture, and consumer psychology. The question of what happens to a company town when the company leaves is an important one; this story explores the aftermath from when an entire country is overly dependent on one business. The story was accompanied by beautiful photographs, and a well-presented online package.

The lobster industry, it turns out, is particularly susceptible to opioid addiction.

Key West Citizen ( September 24, 1936 )

Seamans, Kevin Hayes and Geoff Hansen This series represents strong coverage of a business, political and cultural topic of great interest to all of us. With solid interviews, excellent pictures and clear prose, the series showed great range. The interactive map and charts stood out as unique elements to tell the story. Honorable mention: Inc.

This story is an unvarnished look at an effective, no-B. Maria Aspan and Danielle Sacks cracked the code for writing about women executives in an era of MeToo. The story strikes the right chord between recognizing a true pioneer in bringing gender equality to the Silicon Valley and providing a balanced picture of a year-old technology company CEO who has succeeded against long odds. Winner: The Real Deal The Real Deal was full of news and we really liked some of the how-things-really-work type reporting. It set a high standard for what is expected. Winner: The New York Times This entry included five major reports, all of which illuminated, and some of which triggered, major business or economic developments of Jodi Kantor and Meghan Twohey exposed sexual harassment across three decades by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein aimed at women over whom he could wield serious career power.

Weinstein apologized while denying some allegations , promised to do better, but was soon ousted from the company bearing his name. Emily Steel and Michael S. These stories played a leading role in spurring a wave of coverage of misbehavior by prominent men in multiple industries and significantly transformed the power dynamic in the executive suite. Winner: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel An outstanding range of work across news, investigations and explanatory journalism. This was a unanimous winner from a deep field with many competitive candidates. All of the pieces in the entry were strong, and presentation took advantage of smart multimedia as well as print. The investigation about rapes in Mexico was particularly compelling. Honorable mention: Houston Chronicle Impressive work under highly competitive conditions on the flood stories, including an insightful and original piece about floating-roof oil tanks. The entry also showed breadth outside of that major story, with excellent examples of explanatory journalism as well as high-quality visuals and graphics. Winner: STAT: Reporting from the frontiers of health and medicine STAT impressed us with the breadth and quality of coverage, a powerful marriage of deep reporting with lively, engaging writing.

Masters Snooker 1985 Alex Higgins v Steve Davis
Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale
Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale
Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale
Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale
Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale
Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale Hurricane Higgins ~ Forceful Gale

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