Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition)

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Writers and artists brought their previously planned story ideas and sketches, channeling them through the various tools of the trade: The mood in the room was electric, as designers and editors tweaked and touched up the texts, authors consulted other authors, and images took shape, matching the narratives. By the end of the day ten new books existed that would soon be touched and held and loved by the children who hunger for stories.

However, books are prohibitively expensive for most families in this country, who struggle to put food on the table. Make them available for free! To that end, he wishes to see each child in the country owning books before their sixth birthday. Yes, reader, your eyes do not deceive you. And laugh aloud if you must. But, Book Dash has started making this remarkable dream a reality. So our participants do the work of publishers in a single day. Do the sums on that and some million books are required to meet this ambitious goal.

We believe every child should own a hundred books by the age of five. In South Africa, that means giving million free books to children who could never afford to buy them. Every day we lose, more children grow up unable to read and write well, and to enjoy the worlds that books open up. An integral part of this concept is the concept of ownership. Facilitated by Tarryn-Anne Anderson with Michelle Matthews hosting the event, ten teams each comprising a writer, illustrator and book designer, were plied first with coffee and muffins, then quiches and fruit, and later, wine and pasta.

Each trio had a designated work space where the creative collaboration took place on the upper floor of the old drill hall. The intense focus required to produce a book in a day, the sharing of tasks between team member, and the convivial goodwill that spilled regularly into laughter was a profound experience.

The capable squad of editors who ensured that the texts were suitably age-appropriate comprised Marion Smallbones, Glynis Lloyd and Martha Evans. Videographer, Shaun Swingler, ensured that a visual record of the event took place. Archivist and storyteller, Kelsey Weins, explained the Creative Commons Attribution licence model and took care of the twitter feed on the day. Art director, Pete Bosman, worked with the illustrators and book designers, to advise, facilitate and ensure that the images worked within the specific parameters of the project.

Three titles of the original ten books submitted on Book Dash day were selected for printing and distribution.

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Anybody may download the source and PDF files for children needing books. The children watched with quite some bemusement as box-carrying grownups passed their music ring and then set up stacks of books on tables in the hall. Soon enough the excitement grew as they queued for their books, then received them with their names inscribed. Story time will never be the same again. Despite their phenomenal intellectual capacity, multiple degrees and highly literary pedigree, the team of Attwell, Matthews and Anderson are softly spoken and unassuming face to face.

In a focused, pragmatic and determined fashion they are quietly getting on with making a significant difference to the future of the children of South Africa. They are also seeking sponsorship. What better way of honouring the legacy of Nelson Mandela? The magical and colourful illustrations which really enrich the book are by Cape Town illustrator Tamsin Hinrichsen. The aim of the Best Loved Stories For Africa series is to encourage reading, and the love of books amongst our children.

The story of Refilwe will enchant children and will go a long way in promoting these aims. You can enter Book Dash in a team of three, consisting of a writer, illustrator and designer, or you can volunteer to help on the day. Find out more about Book Dash at Bookdash. As the organisers explain, early-childhood literacy is in crisis in South Africa, and those tackling it need lots of good, low-cost books they can give to children. To tackle this problem, Book Dash gathers volunteers to create books that have no publisher, so that their only cost is printing, which anyone can sponsor.

Every day we lose, more children grow up unable to read and write well.

Nataniël (Afrikaans story)

Asked how the volunteers can produce good books in a short time, Book Dash community manager Tarryn-Anne Anderson explains: Then, they must work within guidelines we provide: And finally, we emphasise the need for preparation: A Book Dash day is about finishing, assembling and polishing. Also available in Afrikaans as Elke dag koningskos. Christine Capendale is a great lover of food, and loves few things as much as sharing her passion with the rest of us. She is a trained chef and well-known for her cooking classes in Langebaan, where she made the most of the extraordinary West Coast produce and generously shared her secrets with her students.

Her food philosophy is that we can eat delicious food every day of the year. We do not need to get stuck in a routine with tired old recipes — we can cook wonderful and adventurous food without expensive ingredients or spending hours in the kitchen. Today, Christine lives in Cape Town and Pretoria, where she continues to share her passion for delicious food by teaching and writing about cookery. She has recently opened a food studio at her home in Plattekloof. Storieman Omnibus 4 is hier: Hierdie omnibus-uitgawe bevat twee van die gewildste vervolgreekse met ongeveer 10 stories uit die bekende Storieman-deelwerk.

By die huis, of in die motor … Storieman is daar! Leon Gerdener Rousseau is op 5 Maart in Kaapstad gebore. Leon is ook bekend vir sy Fritz Deelman-boeke. Hy was maar 25 jaar oud toe hy in die eerste Fritz Deelman-boek van die reeks geskryf het. Dit is in met die Recht Malan-prys vir niefiksie bekroon.

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In Middernag en ander spokerige stories laat die Fynbos Skrywersgroep jou ril: Hoekom wil Carla se ma haar nie glo oor die meisie agter haar kamerdeur nie? En wat maak juffrou Elizabeth, van sy nuwe skool, in Arnold-hulle se spens in die middel van die nag? Waar kom die vreemde outjie in Bennie se koshuiskamer se kas vandaan? Hierdie is die tweede projek wat die groep saam aanpak.


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Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition) Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition)
Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition) Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition)
Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition) Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition)
Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition) Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition)
Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition) Middernag en ander spokerige stories (Afrikaans Edition)

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