Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition)

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Ogni lasciata è persa

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Il Tema. Consulenza linguistica.

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La Crusca e la scuola. Edizioni della Crusca.

Agenda eventi. Galleria multimediale. Per visualizzare i link di condivisione occorre accettare i cookie. I feel a little bad giving this book a crappy review because its clear the author went through some pretty horrific experiences. However, I feel like I should be honest in my review. When I saw the description for this book, I was thinking I would be receiving a work chronicling a patient's experiences as a ward of the Italian psychiatric facility that's described. I was expecting footnotes, details, dates, but this book is just a jumbled mess.

There is no detail, the author skips from one line I feel a little bad giving this book a crappy review because its clear the author went through some pretty horrific experiences. There is no detail, the author skips from one line to the next without any sense of time or importance.

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The writing was bad I'm not sure if it was just a terrible translation, or what, but it was really distracting and made the story hard to grasp. It reads as though an eight year old wrote it, which would be endearing if the author was eight, but she's not.

Where was the editor in this book? The whole thing was more like a jumble of ideas, or a rough draft of a novel, definitely not a finished piece. I'm annoyed because this could have been such a heart wrenching and beautiful story if time and effort had been put into it. At pages, it just didn't feel like the author even cared. At least it was over quickly. Jul 17, Emma rated it did not like it. I won this through First Reads.

I feel bad for the review I'm about to make however I just want to be honest. The translator, editor and anyone who collaborated on this book should be fired. It was just awful. I cant even begin to describe it. Whoever approved this draft to go to print has lost their mind.

Ogni Lasciata È Persa (Alla Corte dell'Emiro) - Feat. Piergiorgio Neri

But I do understand that there is only so much you can do with a draft. Which brings me to my last point, just because someone has had a hard life it doesnt make them a good author.

I highly I won this through First Reads. I highly doubt this book could be good even with great translation. The author is just not a very good writer at all. I'm so sick of people thinking they should write a book just because they had a hard life. Not everyone can write and there are other ways to get your story heard if you really have to talk about it. Jul 12, Abby Wilson rated it it was amazing.

This book was a little hard to follow, with the talking and all. But, it makes sense since of what shes gone through. I have many questions, like, does Chamed still go by Sarah or has she changed her name back to Chamed? To me, Chamed is a beautiful, wonderful name! Sarah, is a little common and dull. No offense! I had to do all I could not to cry but ended up crying anyways, what a beautiful book! What those people have done to her life is terrible! They have killed This book was a little hard to follow, with the talking and all.

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I TEMPLARI: Il codice della Meridiana (Italian Edition)

They have killed her! I admire Chamed, for living through it all, and still coming out perfect. Beautiful, Great Job! View 2 comments. Jul 11, Norma rated it did not like it. I won this book on a goodreads giveaway. I thought it was a very sad story but found the style that it has written in was very hard to get enjoy. Also found it hard to really get into.

A distanza di ore dopo averlo terminato, sono ancora scioccata. E la nostra sfortunata protagonista ci testimonia anche questo, con il cuore strappato. Da lettrice, da donna, da essere umano. Jan 04, r. I feel like a lot of the English is really broken, which I later found out that it was translated from German. I honestly feel really bad for being so mean about this book because the author went through hell, but I feel like every author wants people to talk about there book honestly.

I understand fully that most of the names where changed for people not to have there name in a book and to expose her whole story. I kinda wish her boyfriend got a bigger play in the book. He was really amazing and sweet, and I wish he would be in here more in the beginning.

I felt like her parents dying and then moving in with her aunt, and her hating her, is a really normal family situation. That her parents die and then having to move in with someone else. The asylum part confused me to death. The pregnancy was really confusing.


But I though it was really sweet that her brother told her that she was pregnant. For such a dark and disturbing. But I really loved the ending it really made you get happier after everything that happened. Mar 26, Tati Saetre rated it it was ok. Recensione sul mio blog QUI Ho letto molte cose su questo libro, pareri discordanti e recensioni per nulla simili. Sua madre inizia a perdere le speranze, mentre suo padre no. Ma con il ritorno di suo zio le cose cominciano a sistemarsi: lui si rende conto di cosa sta succedendo, e decide di portare via Chamed da quella casa.

Perso o perduto? Visto o veduto? | Accademia della Crusca

Eppure, Chamed non fa nemmeno in tempo ad entrare in quella casa, che si sveglia in un manicomio. Chamed desidera morire, vuole ricongiungersi con i suoi genitori e mettere fine a tutto quello che sta accadendo. Dicono che si tratti di una storia vera, e per questo ero ammaliata. Alla fine del libro, mi sono resa conto che quelle testimonianze provenivano da un diario di Chamed, e quindi, il diario di una bambina.

Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition) Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition)
Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition) Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition)
Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition) Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition)
Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition) Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition)
Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition) Ogni lasciata è persa (Italian Edition)

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