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Suffering the same weakness as all vampires, Eben dies and turns to ash when the sun rises.

Interview with Deanna Roy, author of Stella and Dane

This was the follow-up to 30 Days of Night , featuring the original creative team. Beginning in June , this series featured the exploits of Stella Olemaun after surviving the attack on Barrow in the original series. After publishing an account of the attack 30 Days of Night , Stella attempts to spread the word of what happened by giving lectures to audiences.

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Even when she fights off a vampire attack at one lecture, her stories are not believed as her publisher lists her book as fiction. Stella draws the attention of the Los Angeles vampire population, as well as the lover of Vicente, the head vampire from the original series. Learning that there may be a way to bring back her former husband Eben, Stella strikes a deal with vampire Dane, who seeks revenge for the murder of his mentor by Vicente. The two form a brief romantic relationship.

Stella exchanges proof of the existence of vampires for her husband's remains, in the hope of bringing him back from the dead. She double-crosses the vampire party, blowing up a large number of them in a house, before successfully resurrecting Eben. The two reconcile for a moment before the still-vampiric Eben lunges, fangs bared, for her throat.

The issue features four short stories, each written by Steve Niles, but featuring different illustrators. It features Brian Kitka, the brother of a victim of the attack on Barrow in the original miniseries.

Kitka becomes Barrow's new sheriff after moving there with his son to investigate his brother's demise. Kitka's skepticism about the claims of a vampire attack disappears when he discovers his deceased brother's journal, which includes a full account of the attack. He finds himself protecting the town along with John Ikos. This story features the return of several characters from the previous series, including Eben and Stella who save Brian's son from the vampires.

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Bloodsucker Tales marked the first time a writer other than Niles would work on the series. Throughout its 8 issues, two stories were told.

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  8. Written by Steve Niles and illustrated by Nat Jones. After a self-imposed hiatus following the tragic events of the last shuttle mission, NASA prepares to launch the Icarus on a simple mission to help restore the nation's confidence in the space program. But their worst fears are realized when it is discovered that something has gotten aboard the shuttle, something ferocious, something with fangs and a taste for blood.

    Tell us about your other book, Baby Dust. How is it related to this book? Stella was a key character, the mother-hen figure for the others, and everyone wanted to know her backstory and why she and Dane could never adopt a baby.

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    Forever Innocent. Kent's Wall of Wonders. Forever Loved. Forbidden Dance. Forever Family.

    Stella and Dane Stella and Dane
    Stella and Dane Stella and Dane
    Stella and Dane Stella and Dane
    Stella and Dane Stella and Dane
    Stella and Dane Stella and Dane
    Stella and Dane Stella and Dane
    Stella and Dane Stella and Dane

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