THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)

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E use the original multi-track parts and only add limited new elements , there are few producers quite as adept as Dave Lee AKA Joey Negro. Further proof arrives here in the shape of two fresh revisions of vintage Ashford and Simpson gems. On side A Lee tackles "Found a Cure", delivering a driving vocal dub that wisely emphasizes the duo's sublime vocals and the track's inherent soaring disco instrumentation. He changes tack slightly on side B, offering a hands-in-the-air disco-house rub of "Love Don't Make It Right" that's more feelgood than a sloppy hug from your partner and twice as exciting.

KNTNT 12". Kontent Romania. We suppose it was only a logical progression that he started his own imprint, here inaugurating Kontent with four solid minimal tech house weapons. Kicking off the A side is the rolling and hypnotic main room adrenaline of "Blue Birds" followed by the dubbed out and mesmerizing bliss of "Amazing " and saving the best for last - flipside "Sulfuras" is a deep and tripped-out cut for the afterhours.

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We can imagine Rhadoo playing it to a sideways Sunday 9AM crowd. Equation Of Motion EP hand-stamped 12". Cultivated Electronics. He is a man who can very much speak through his machines and always imbues his tracks with effortless dynamism and real sonic cinematics.

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Opener "Equation Of Motion" is emotive electronic soundscaping at its best, with minor chord majesty and crisp electro drums powering the ride through the cosmos. Music On Vinyl. The set was recorded while Roisin Murphy and Mark Brydon's relationship was falling apart, giving the set an added level of poignancy - something heightened by the pointed, bittersweet nature of some of Murphy's lyrics.

MC 12". Mint Condition UK. Next Generation Vol 1 12".

Remastered: Metallica’s Master of Puppets Revisited

Music Institute US. Out Of Control Madness mix limited hand-numbered hand-stamped 1-sided 12". It is ideal for entry-level DJs who want pro-quality performance. It is for use with Ortofon Concorde Pro S cartridge. Click for better price! Edits Vol 15 7" limited to copies 1 per customer.

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We could be wrong, but it sounds like it was created using the multi-track parts, focusing as it does for much of the duration on a stripped-back, DJ-friendly groove, selected vocal snippets and delay-laden musical elements not always audible on the original version. Over on the flipside "Cosmo On The Groove" version, he takes a slightly different approach, adding a classic old school hip-hop acappella to an expertly cut-up version of the track that utilizes a little more of the sing-along chorus. Bad Seed Ltd. Be warned, though, what lies beneath is deep and immersive enough to drown in, and even the most effective divers wouldn't find a body.

A suitably morose introduction, we think.

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Digressions aside, "Ghosteen" is a majestic, powerful, operatic experience that will change nobody's opinion of Cave and his band, The Bad Seeds. The works are just as innovative, poignant, graceful, melancholic, euphoric and inescapable as ever. Too many adjectives? We're making no apologies. Consider the title number, if that's not too obvious a focal point.

Sparse yet grandiose, narrative driven but metaphorical, organic and earthy yet making incredible use of a theremin. Almost impossibly good, sit back and let it wash over your mind. Favorite France. The 13 assembled tracks are mostly obscure and uniformly superb, making picking individual highlights an infuriatingly tricky task. Our favourites change daily, but we're currently enjoying the tropical disco brilliance of Dwight Druick's cover of "Georgy Peorgy Disco Version ", the synth-sporting electrofunk cheeriness of Serge Delisle's "Germaine Remix ", the thrusting P-funk hustle of Acayouman's "Funk Around" and the near Balearic warmth of "Braziliana" by Aries.

As the old expression sort of goes, Maurice has once again delivered all killer and no filler. Diamond tip. SUB 12". MG Tam " opens in fantastic fashion with spangled synths that will twist any dance floor inside out. The high speed machine funk and cosmic warmth of "Sauna La Rood" is superb, followed by the slick and kinetic "Corsica Gambit" with its tightly knotted drums and crisp hits before the more playful "Sensual Yarn" closes out with jazzy keys, melodic synths and a broken beat pattern that switches things up nicely. Impressive stuff. Forever Forward EP 12".

Look At Me reissue 7" 1 per customer. Polydor Japan. It was originally pressed up by Polydor Japan as a promo-only seven-inch single in and has been almost impossible to find ever since. Happily it has now been reissued - once again, only in Japan, hence the import price here - allowing more collectors and fans to grab a copy. Now up to his fifth studio album he has pretty much achieved it all so decides to drill down and make a supremely focussed record that says a lot in just 11 tracks. His flow is reined in and superbly controlled throughout, it's hip hop laced with a sense of psychedelia but also strongly informed by classic, golden era boom-bap - no doubt thanks to the legendary producer behind it all, namely Mr Q-Tip.

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Featuring raw energy, spiritual thoughtfulness, guest spots from Run The Jewels and Blood Orange, this is an accomplished record from an accomplished artist. Ghostly International US. Riffing on the deep, off kilter and pleasingly woozy trademark sound he's developed since making his vinyl debut in , "Information" is the kind of set that sounds equally as good at home or on the bus as it does surging from oversized club soundsystems in a converted Brooklyn loft.

It's full to bursting with evocative early morning deep house, of course, but it never slips into "overly polite" territory due to the New York producer's love of dusty, crunchy drum machine hits, and bass guitar parts so warm and toasty you could probably use them to toast waffles. AS ONE. Communion limited clear vinyl 2xLP. Fluerella 12". This time round there's only one original cut, "Fluerella", but it does come backed by three superb remixes.

Jeigo's original mix is as wide-eyed, glorious and life affirming as witnessing the sun rise from a chilly mountain top, with bold electronic motifs and dreamy chords rising above a punchy, two-step influenced breakbeat groove. Tom VR emphasizes those two-step influences on his ultra-deep UK garage take, while Ex-Terrestrial re-imagines it as a throbbing slab of psychedelic acid breakbeat.

To complete the package, Urulu steps up with a "Liquid Earth" mix that joins the dots between the Orb circa and Psychick Warriors ov Gaia. Tema Do Brisa 7". Club Internacional. Cyclia One 12". Running Back Germany. His latest EP for Gerd Janson's label is similarly strong.

Check first the trance-influenced, synth-laden throb of "Entre Nous", where big room piano riffs help raise the track to hands-in-the-air anthem status, before admiring the new beat and EBM influenced neo-trance workout "Autobahn". Peel Session 12" in spot-varnished sleeve. Covering plenty of ground from the deep and chugging dream-techno of "Happy Cycling" to the archetypal IDM squiggles and kinetics of "XYZ" via the sort of brain cleansing alpine purity of ambient beauty "Olson".

Opener "Aquarius" sounds almost balearic in comparison, with little guitar riffs, smeared chords and sampled vocals that bring to mind the finest post-rave work of Orbital. Medio Occidente remastered reissue limited LP. It's a serious listen steeped in high drama and bombast, rendered in plush studio veneer and the era's finest electronic technology.

At the heart is classic Italian songwriting, all melodramatic opera interjections and swooning instrumental refrains, but you can hear the magic touch given by epoch-defining tools like the Fairlight CMI and EMU Emulator, sending these bold compositions into celestial spaces. It's very much of its time, and that's precisely why we love it. Ain't That Love 7". Timmion Finland. They're at it again here with regular collaborator Carlton Jumel Smith.

As usual, you'll find the full version on the A, with Smith delivering a raw, impassioned lead vocal above the Finnish band's languid, sweet, sixties-style soul backing track. That instrumental can be enjoyed in all its jazzy, sun-kissed, horn-tooting beauty on side B. As with their other instrumentals, it's near perfect. Stan Lee 7". Record Kicks. It's certainly true that they have an impeccable track record, with their numerous albums on Record Kicks being particularly potent. The band's instrumental version takes pride of place on Side B, allowing listeners to wallow in their intricate production and evocative musical choices.

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Barbary Coast EP gram vinyl 12". Ornate Music.

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Following the trend set out by his turns on Hizou and Frustrated Funk, the pads shimmer and gleam while the leads dart nimbly around the tightly locked machine rhythms on these three extremely tasteful workouts. Buzzin' Fly. Previously, their music has been considered, downtempo and - whisper it quietly - Balearic.

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As this half-speed re-mastered reissue proves, they largely hit the spot, with warm deep house cut "Wrong", the sparkling drum and bass pop of the title track and the similarly minded "Big Deal" standing out. Keep Up Appearances Remixes gram vinyl 12". The duo's LP, released in January, marked a new chapter in their production history and has seen support from Josh Wink, Mr G and Skream over the past few months.

Dorisburg, known for outstanding material on Sweden's Aniara amongst others, continues a sterling run of form with a rendition of 'Feel Free' which employs soaring chords to fashion a luscious and elevating take on the original. Doe's 'Worship' remix is squarely dancefloor-aimed with punchy kicks, smokey effects and teasing keys.

Peel Session 2 12" in spot-varnished sleeve.

THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition) THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)
THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition) THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)
THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition) THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)
THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition) THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)
THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition) THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)
THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition) THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)
THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition) THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)
THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition) THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)
THE BATTERY Vol01 Remastering Version (Japanese Edition)

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