The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8)

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Blue Macaws Pets. Blue Macaw Owners manual. August 6, Spirit Visitation? What can we do about them? Customs Law Annotated : U. Paper P2. Students notes. Jekyll and Mr. Getting to Real Viva, San Antonio! Arie Louise Forshe, Ph. I, Robot film , Hardcore Henry, etc. Paranormal Investigator We are different! Replacing dangerous nuclear power generation. Volume 8: Killing Ground B. So What!? Or Was It? Pinky Dinky Doo: Think Pink! Ingersoll, Vol. Views of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry The Call! My Child is Addicted to Screens Yikes!


So Am I. How Could She? Men Trip to the Moon Mr. Now what? Are You A Workaholic? Sitzung am 5. Merritt, M. Run through burnout: What running can do for you when you are burnout. Another notable thing about this film is that it is very stylish. As I understand it, the actors all did their thing in front of a blue screen. It all makes for very fluid animation which at the same time heavily leans on the comics' art style.

Facial features are exaggerated to resemble the characters' faces from the comics, for instance. As much as I would have appreciated a pure, live action adaptation of the comics, I feel that director Steven Spielberg and company hit it out of the park with this decision. My reasoning for this assertion is thus: I read somewhere that we watch animation to escape, and we watch live action to related. Tintin tales are largely pulpy adventure stories, the sort that lend themselves to escapism.

Therefore, an animated approach would probably be the best way to go. As it is, the animation is spectacular, right from the opening credits filled with references to the comics to the very last scene. What the film really nails is the dynamic between the twin leads, Tintin and Captain Haddock. As carried over from the comics, they're the perfect foils for each other.

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Tintin is idealistic, polite, determined, brave, and pretty much perfect. Haddock is an alcoholic, foul mouthed, cynical, and easily angered. Their interactions are the source of a sizable chunk of the film's humor, such as a scene lifted directly from The Crab with the Golden Claws where Haddock gets drunk and lights a fire in their lifeboat.

Getting back to the issue of characters, all of the characters have understandable and believable motivations and goals, even Mr. Sakharine, who's going with settling-a-perceived-family-feud-and-get-rich-while-doing-it thing. And for the record, I love both Haddock and Mr.

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Haddock is just so hilariously awesome, just like he was in the comics, and Sakharine is a great, really Bond-like villain. No, scratch that. He's a great Tintin villain, even if he wasn't one in the comics. The film's quick pace aids in producing a pulpy treasure hunt movie, and the result is a really darn fun family flick.


However, there are a few things I take issue with. For one thing, this movie is a lot more cartoonish than the comics, or even the animated series, ever were. Sure, we had scenes with the Thompsons falling down a flight of stairs and getting their hats jammed over their eyes and the like, but we didn't have Tintin sliding over a column sleeping sailors without waking them up, even after they were tossed around like rag dolls into a heap.

However, the slapstick comedy is still decently done, as are the various visual gags.

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In general, the comedy in this film is sufficient, if not exactly outstanding, and not quite on the level of the books. In addition, the flash back scenes were a bit drawn out and a tad unnecessary. It would have sufficed to have one big flashback sequence instead of several drawn out segments which don't do much to advance the plot.


As it is, we've got several strung together sequences interspersed with Haddock hallucinating in the desert. My final complaint is that the music, composed by the great John Williams, is a bit I don't know, minimalist. It might have worked better with a darker, more noir-ish film this film had a little bit of noir in it, but it's decidedly not a film noir, such as The Third Man , but I felt like Tintin needs more grandiose, exciting music. Then again, if it's not meant to be overly serious, but not overly silly either, then I suppose I could let it pass.

The music did fit with a very lighthearted film, which The Adventures of Tintin was, and it did get nominated for an Academy Award.

It's not that I don't like it, it's just not exactly what I expected. The Adventures of Tintin is a rousing, action packed, humorous, really, really fun adventure story that you can sit down and watch with the family.

Who knows? Maybe it will get the kids or you, gentle reader interested in the comics. Always good to get kids reading. What's more, the sequel is currently in the works, and if this film is any indication of where this franchise is going, then I just might go see that film in theaters! Labels: Comics , Films , Reviews. Tonight was the Bible Quiz Team Christmas party, and it was a joyous, fun filled occasion. After dining on snack food, desserts, and some legitimate food, we had a quiz on Christmas-related Bible trivia, that is, on the events surrounding the birth of Jesus.

I got 35 out of My sister got , so I think it's official that she's smarter than me.

The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry (Free Romantic Audiobook by William Sydney Porter)

Dangnabbit, but oh well. We then had a gift exchange, where gifts included chocolates such as my gift , gift cards, nail polish, toothpaste boxes filled with rocks one part of my sister's gift , a DVD the other part of my sister's gift , and a enormous teddy bear which was even larger than Ava, the girl who acquired it. This bear, named Livingston, it turns out, had been owned by Jeff, a former quizzer who is now one of our Novice team's quiz coaches.

He brought it to the gift exchange so as to pass it on to another quizzer, for he himself had gotten it at a previous Bible Quiz Team gift exchange. I wound up with a box of Hershey's Chocolates, not a bad prize. Overall, it was a fun Christmas party, and I really loved the laughter brought on by the gift exchange, as well as during the quiz when Mr.

Wendt was reading the questions off, pointed out in a humorous manner that the answers were printed on the back of his sheet of paper, visible. Everybody laughed while Mr. Wendt fetched a folder to cover up the answers with. In short, I had a great time.

The Gift of the Phantera (Vadelah Chronicles, #8)

Today's verse is 1 Samuel " Then the Spirit of the Lord will rush upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. It always speaks of god's Spirit coming suddenly on someone to equip and empower that person to serve the interests of God's people. The onrush of the spirit of the Lord upon Saul is predicted, but not nanipulated as in Canaanite practices; it is necessary in order to dispel any doubts Saul might have about his choice and as a public demonstration that he is now the "prince" It is related to his election as king, and does not mean that he is becoming a prophet cf.

Not by losing self but rather by being equipped with power to play a new role see Judg. In the main service, Pastor Nick continued in the series on Isaiah, looking over Jesus' titles as detailed in Isaiah This week, he discussed the title "Mighty King," detailing how Jesus is a powerful ruler who wants to make a change in your life.


In the High School service, after a brief discussion of Bethlehem, we sang Christmas songs. Then Pastor Wes continued in his series on Romans, talking about Romans 2 where it talks about judging. Anyhow, last night was the LMA Christmas, party, and it was a happy occasion filled with lots of food. Dressed in my finest and only suit, I saw friends that I hadn't seen in a while, and we all made merry, talked and laughed, and ate a lot of food. Near the end, awards were given to outstanding students, parents, and families, and we had a toy drive for Communities in Schools of Renton.

Also, Mr. Driver gave a speech summarizing for the dojang, and I was asked to read my black belt paper to the attendees. Before that, however, I was asked to tell a joke, and I told them the joke about the mime in the gorilla suit.

The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8) The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8)
The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8) The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8)
The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8) The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8)
The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8) The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8)
The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8) The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8)
The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8) The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8)
The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8) The Gift of the Phantera (The Vadelah Chronicles, Book 8)

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