Under the sign of the Black Dragon

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Tracy Morgan and Entourage Latest Victims of 'The Black Dragon'

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    Tea with the Black Dragon (Black Dragon, #1) by R.A. MacAvoy

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    The spell did not initially work, and the dragon swallowed V whole, only to spit the lizard out when Haley hit him in the eye with an arrow. But V had a ring of wizardry and continued to cast the spell. Meanwhile the dragon managed to swallow Haley whole.

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    Eventually the dragon failed his saving throw and fell victim to V's suggestion to perform only those actions dictated by V. After vomiting out Haley onto Belkar, at V's command , they waited around until Durkon could pray for more spells and turn V back into an elf. At that point V disintegrated him in order to preempt his imminent attack when the hypnosis wore off.

    The dragon was determined to be in the "young adult" age class when they found "Playdrake" and "Big Tailz" magazines stashed under his hoard. When his mother found him destroyed, she was outraged, leading to a fateful confrontation with Vaarsuvius. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

    Under the sign of the Black Dragon Under the sign of the Black Dragon
    Under the sign of the Black Dragon Under the sign of the Black Dragon
    Under the sign of the Black Dragon Under the sign of the Black Dragon
    Under the sign of the Black Dragon Under the sign of the Black Dragon
    Under the sign of the Black Dragon Under the sign of the Black Dragon
    Under the sign of the Black Dragon Under the sign of the Black Dragon

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