When Our Jack Went to War

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My Boy Jack

When he did, it was only because his entire regiment was exploded apart from him. Jack was sent to a concentration camp and promptly slipped under the fence and fucked off, only to be captured again while wandering towards the Baltic coast, and promptly returned to another concentration camp. Eventually, he found a US regiment who picked him up and gave him back to the Brits, I imagine rolling their eyes as they did so.

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Having missed the majority of the rest of the European war, but still keen to continue being fucking mental, Jack went back to Burma with the aim of fighting the Japanese. On arrival, he was gutted to discover that the Americans had nuked Japan and the war was over. Bet all those Japanese civilians who were vaporised felt really bad about that one. Post-war, he fought in Palestine for a bit, presumably just because there was a convenient war going on there, before eventually retiring.

This was, once again, clearly just for the aesthetic, and Jack was obviously going through dozens of briefcases a month as he hurled them into a hedge every day.

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He died in the 90s, aged 88, probably while swinging a sword at a passing train or some ridiculous shit. Posts About Contact. Mad Jack Churchill, a man who lived his life as an insane cartoon. They wore the uniform of the 54th Sikhs, the 59th Scinde Rifles and the 9th Gurkhas and they had been recruited in British India , Nepal and the autonomous borderlands of Afghanistan. Within 10 minutes, these young Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims had fired 1, rounds into a peaceful assembly of 20, Punjabis of the same faiths. Soon after, a British civil servant recorded the only known comment from the shooters.

Siegfried Sassoon (1886 - 1967)

Among politicised Indians, the repercussions were profound. The Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore renounced his knighthood. But in the meantime the behaviour of the Indian army was hardly affected. It continued to follow the orders of its British commanders. And from to , its artillery and armoured cars put down an insurrection in south India known as the Moplah rebellion, killing 2, Muslim villagers who were armed with little more than swords.

Why did Indians kill and suppress other Indians on behalf of their foreign rulers? Why did they fight, often bravely, for the British empire in distant theatres of the first world war such as Flanders, Gallipoli and Tanganyika? What did they think of their experience and how did it mark them? During the course of the war, a total of about 1. Money was of course the obvious attraction.

The pay was good by the standards of rural India and there was the prospect of a pension and sometimes even a plot of land on retirement the last was especially true in Punjab, which provided nearly half the recruits sent abroad. Another and more perverse recruiter was racism.

by Brough Scott

And Twitter's hands-off approach to US President Donald Trump, whose inflammatory tweets arguably violate Twitter's terms of use, has damaged Twitter's credibility in the eyes of many. When asked if he would join Libra, Facebook's cryptocurrency association, Dorsey said "hell no," according to the Axios reporter Sara Fischer.

source url BuzzFeedBen asks jack if he would join Libra. Der Artikel wurde versandt. Mary Meisenzahl , Business Insider. Dorsey took issue with Zuckerberg's comments on free speech. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

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When Our Jack Went to War When Our Jack Went to War
When Our Jack Went to War When Our Jack Went to War
When Our Jack Went to War When Our Jack Went to War
When Our Jack Went to War When Our Jack Went to War
When Our Jack Went to War When Our Jack Went to War

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